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Chitwan national park is spread in the inner terai of Nepal which covers parts of chitwan ,makwanpur,parsa and nawalparasi districts .This is first protected area of nepal established in 1973 AD as royal chitwan national park by covering 932km2, later on after peoples revolutions in nepal in 2006 it is renamed as chitwan national park . This national park is in subtropical lowlands of Nepal with elevation  from 110m to 850m from sea level. The park is enriched with amazing biodiversity between rapti and narayani river.

 By evaluating its amazing biodiversity and universal value of nature conservation UNESCO has enlisted chitwan national park as a world heritage site in 1984AD.because of the surrounding settlements 750km2 area around park was declared as buffer zone in 1996AD, national park and the local community used to to jointly community development programme by the income of the bufferzone.Nepal government has made the provision of revenue back to the community that makes the local dwellers lifestyle bit easier.Chitwan national park is being really  famous among the national and international tourist these days because of its remarkable biodiversity.

            In Terms of vegetation inside the park there is majority of the sal (shorea robusta) forest,this is deciduous type of vegetation in terai area.except sal there is grassland,riverine forest ,chir pine pinus roxburghii,khair (acacia catechu) ,sisoo(dalbergia sissoo) and simal(bombax ceiba) are the major plants of the park also fifty species of the grass for wild animal are available in the park.

      In Terms of species diversity 56 spices of herpetofauna ,126 species of fish has been enlisted by the national park. This park is really famous for conservation of one horned rhinoceros ,royal bengal tiger and gharial crocodile.544 species of the birds include 22 globally endangered species are the additional attraction of the chitwan national park,Bengal Florican,Slender billed vulture, White rumped vulture and Red headed vulture are the critically endangered birds which will found here.

                     The Chitwan Jungle Safari Package offers one of the worthy  Safari tours in Nepal with a priceless experience. Our jungle safari tour packages include many adventure activities like Bird watching, Canoeing, Elephant Back Safari, Jungle walk, and more to name some. Tourists can canoe over the Rapti River while watching gharial mugger crocodiles basking in the river banks and different species of birds in their natural habitat. Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour on Elephant back is also best to witness the close-up views of wildlife while enjoying the adventures. One can even flock around with the great views of the sunset, exploring the Tharu museum, culture and traditions of the Tharu community, cultural programs and typical Tharu village.The Chitwan Jungle Safari tour is best suited for all age groups of travelers and family vacations especially if you are traveling with children. The Chitwan National Park Safari offers a chance for your little ones to explore a new world and create a memorable experience.

Things to do in chitwan 

Jungle safari: chitwan national park offers magnificent jungle safari who loves nature's peace.our jungle safari offers exciting and exotic natural experience with birds,animals ,non forest timber products (NTFP)  and flora fauna observation. We can enter the national park after getting the permit issued by chitwan national park project then conduct the jungle safari either by jeep drive or by the elephant safari inside the national park with the experienced nature guide.

Tharu culture observation: among the 93 ethnic groups of nepal tharu is also the one. They have got different cultures and customs . They used to stay on the banks of the river and forest and survive by fishing ,jungle activities and farming.their culture is very so worthy and different from others.they made a tharu museum to show their rituals and every evening they perform the cultural programme in sauraha institutionally and where ever inside chitwan on demand. We will walk in their village to look at their livelihood .

Canoeing in rapti river: rapti river is a really famous river for crocodiles and birds. We can canoe over it by observing the amazing biodiversity of water, hundreds of local and migratory birds and their babbling sounds give extra energy for tour.sunbath taking crocodiles on the banks of river is another charm with green scenery on both sides .

Bird watching: chitwan national park is home for 544 species of the bird according to CNP records. We can hire some bird specialists who can show us the birds with their features.many birds used to migrate here according to season.22 endangered species of the birds are also used to live in chitwan national park.

Elephant safari and bath: elephant safari is also very famous in chitwan national park to do jungle safari .Elephants can go really close to other animals. That's why it is getting popular. There will be a professional guide rider on the back of the elephant.another activities with elephant is take a bath by elephant trunk at rapti river but these activities are minimized because of animal rights.

 Elephant breeding center : among two elephant breeding centers in the world one lies in chitwan national park.we can visit there what have done by CNP to increase the number of elephants.

Recreational activities : we can campfire on the bank of river with BBQ at night and watch the wild animals at night which will make our journey extra smiling in non touristic areas.

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