Acute mountain sickness

Acute mountain sickness is the negative health effects in high elevation .When we go on the high  elevation there is less oxygen that's why we feel difficulties in breathing and it creates AMS . altitude sickness generally occurs above 3000 mtr, it depends upon the vegetation level also. Mountain sickness mainly happened because of the rapid ascend on the mountain.prevention is slowly increasing the elevation above 3000 mtr . there are two types of acute mountain sickness

HAPE:High altitude pulmonary edema(fluid in lungs)

Symptoms similar to bronchitis 

Persistent dry cough


Shortness of breath even when resting

HACE: high altitude cerebral edema(swelling of the brain)

Headache that does not respond to analgesics

Unsteady gait

Gradual loss of consciousness

Increased nausea and vomiting

Retinal hemorrhage

Major symptoms


      Fatigue & weakness


      Loss of appetite & dizziness 

      Insomnia etc

How to be safe 

      Drink sufficient water in high elevation

      Don't drink alcohol in mountain


      Oxygen enrichments

      Altitude acclimatization

      Finally medications

Treatments if you are affected 

     Descend ,descend, descend 

     Use the gamow bag and pump the patient 

     Acetazolamide 250 mg twice a day 

     Helicopter rescue and treatment at hospital